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Teacher Training Coming Fall 2024


Miami's #1 Studio where Pilates meets Wellness

We are Long Lean Pilates – Miami's premier studio where fitness transforms into wellness. At our studio, Pilates is more than a workout; it's an experience. Our sessions calm your mind, lengthen and strengthen your muscles, and leave you feeling taller, stronger, and utterly rejuvenated.


Life's too short for purely aesthetic abs. At Long Lean Pilates, we balance form and function. Our philosophy? Look good – and feel good. ​​​​​


3 Classes for $60

(Instead of $96)
Call it a first date – but in a pack of three. It's the best way to get to know our Pilates classes and find out if the sweat and shakes are for real.

3 Privates for $300

(Instead of $420)
Like it exclusive? You'll get our undivided attention in our one-to-one sessions. Perfect for addressing specific concerns and getting exactly what you need out of your Pilates workout.

New Client Intro Offers


Our Studio

Long Lean Pilates is Miami's only non-heated mat Pilates studio. Exercising at room temperature lets your body adapt naturally, making every stretch count. Our method leaves you feeling limber and rejuvenated long after you leave. Don't be fooled: You'll sweat, shake, and burn.

Our Workouts

Choose from 3 types of Pilates classes that make up the ultimate weekly workout: Sculpt, Flow and Balance. Every class bears our signature sweaty glow-up that strengthens and lengthens you. Prefer exclusivity? We offer one-on-one sessions in a private room fully equipped with reformers, towers, cadillacs, and more.

Our Team

Our instructors are classically trained in the OG Pilates method and masters of killer matwork – so no muscle group gets left behind. We're anatomy nerds, dancers, and yogis who believe in the healing and sculpting power of Pilates.  Come experience the long, lean magic of our workouts. 



Krystle Wong 

Amazing workout that strengthens and realigns the whole body. Could do this everyday. My back feels so much better after the classic flow, it’s like magic
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