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Grey Yoga Mats

Core Power Classes

Full Body Sculpt

45 minutes

Kickstart the week with a full body sculpt & tone class awakening the body and setting a positive tone.

Lower Body Burn

45 minutes

Focus on strengthening the lower body & abs, building core stability and lower body strength.

Pilates Sculpt | Props

45 minutes

Engage in a challenging full-body sculpt class using multiple Pilates props designed to push the limits and enhance endurance.  The use of props can mimic the resistance you get from the reformer.

Upper Body Burn

45 minutes

Targets the upper body, arms, abs & back crucial for improving posture and reducing strains.  

Pilates Classic | Core

50 minutes

Wind down the week with a full body core flow focusing on posture and alignment.  This Authentic sculpt class with have your body moving in harmony.


45 minutes

A brilliant combination of Yoga & Pilates.  The mind connecting flow from yoga with added toning & strengthening from Pilates.

Pilates Sculpt | Ballet

45 minutes

Combines the core-strengthening benefits of Pilates with the grace and fluidity of ballet movements to sculpt & tone.  This dynamic class incorporates elements of ballet technique with Pilates inspired exercises.  

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